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Well, no quite yet but I have been working towards it. I am so excited because I have been so inspired to write lately, unfortunately just not on my blog. The ideas for blogs are still there and I still want to work on them but, for the moment I keep working on my novels.

The first story is called something like “The Adventures of  Emilie Des Jardins.” It would be a history of my family of my great great grandmother. Pronounced Amy Lee.  French for  Emily. In real life she survived a shipwreck sailing with her parents from France to Canada. Her parents died.  By the way she was dressed,  she was  Huguenot (area of French). She only remembered her first name. The convent nuns in Montreal raised her and since her chores were to tend the courtyard gardens,  they gave her the last name Des Jardine. It would be in the style of the French series of Madeleine. I can’t do much writing on this right now as my mom is doing the research.

The second book I am working on is called Bee-Witch. A story that is also a series about a girl from a magical family and how everyone develops a magical ability and hers is the ability to talk to bees. She learns to develop her powers and has all kinds of Adventures, etc. Still playing around with the name.

My third book is a stand alone adult that is a combo of You’ve Got Mail, Benny and June and Lost in Translation. Its open ended and kind of sad.

I have like three other stories too, two other children’s and one adult all stand alones but they are secret. 🙂 Don’t want to give up all my good ideas to have them copied!

Any way, I am so excited to be writing anything at all and can’t wait to have them finished! 😀


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