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Rock Your Body


The next series of blog entries will be about my body and finding ways to improve them. I love my fatness but like everyone, we have little things we wish we could improve. There is so much I don’t know about or how to do. I am not looking to change who I am or even to lose weight but how to improve how I feel about my overall body. To learn what it means about being fat AND healthy. Because this isn’t to show the world or to make a point to anyone but me. I want to love and rock my body but also learn how to take care of it.

Things I wish to write about
1.) Hair care and hair styles. Maybe hair colors
2.) Face care
   A.) Blackheads/Acne
   B.) Wrinkles
   C.) Dark Circles
   D.) Face care products
   E.) Eyebrows
  3.) Makeup of all kinds like eyes, foundation, lips, blush and bronzed. And makeup remover and types of makeup tools. Compare and contrast to grocery store makeup to department stores to catalogs, etc.
4.) Body care from legs, arm acne, shaving, waxing, cellulite. The difference between at home waxing to salon.
5.) At home work outs and hot fat yoga. Women of various shapes exercising and hopefully letting me take their photo (as well as my own picture attempts).
6.) Nail care. Self at home manicures to salon.
7.) Facials.
8.)The beauty industry behind it, history and what it means to be a woman in it.
9.) Teeth and oral care
10.) Body hygiene for fat women – the fat smell fear.
11.) Breast exams, health issues and the downstairs exam.
12.) What eating healthy means and how food affects our skin.
13.) DIY home projects, myth verses fact with everyday products for your body.

So you can see I have a LOT to write about. All these issues have been written and blogged about thousands of times but I’ve never really delved into it and explored it myself much. Why, I don’t know. I’ve thought about it hundreds of times. This is my new project for the next few months and I’m ready for it!


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