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Goodbye to You

The next series of blog entries are going to be both very difficult and painful for me to write. I wouldn’t even be surprised if I wasn’t able to finish them. They will also most likely upset and make certain people down right angry with me. But as I see it, I don’t have much to lose as it is. The people who would/will get angry about what I write probably already dislike me and only read occasionally what I write anyway due to boredom and mild stalkerism that we all can’t help. The other set of people.. I don’t know. I would hope if any one was offended by this they would talk to me but that isn’t always the case now is it? Anyway, I am rambling from my point.

The next series of blog entries will be about letting go of past issues that I haven’t been able to fully make peace with. I am hoping by writing about them I can find a way to finally let my past be past. I obsess way too much, particularly lately over wrongs that have been done to me and wrongs I have done to others.

I realize that this style of writing is frowned on by many but… I wish to make this public as an example of letting myself be as much as I can be completely open and vulnerable. To not hide behind my past any longer, nor to be ashamed of it. This is not something I recommend every one do, especially if it could possibly jeopardize yourself or other people. But for me, as far as I am aware, this will do neither. To risk being considered trite and over dramatic,  I would quote Hoobastank-the reason. Because I have found a reason for me lol.

So goodbye to you, and every thing I thought I knew. Here is to making peace with myself and peace with my soul.


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