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Quote Me, If You Like

Just something I’ve been thinking about. Today I have been doing some creative writing for the stories I want to write. Yes, someday I would like to be a published author. Anyway, I was thinking about how good writing is for us, especially when it comes to losing weight. When you write, think of it as purging. You are literally vomiting up your feelings. Which lets go of stress and even water retention. I know that sounds crazy. I even find myself having to poop a lot when I am creativly writing. I think it’s because I am allowing my body to process and literally, not hold onto shit. We all have to find ways to let ourselves be.., us. And for me that is writing.


2 comments on “Quote Me, If You Like

  1. peikleberry
    April 10, 2015

    I think thought that the pooping was because while I write, I sit and drink coffee all day. Now that I know better, though, I am totally pretending, I mean, understanding that it is a metaphysical message from the universe. Thank shit. 😉

    • pdxfunnygirl
      April 11, 2015

      Well coffee is a diuretic so that can’t hurt! There are all these metaphors of course for writing and being good for your soul and all and I dunno lol. I couldn’t help but add my own two cents in as well!

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