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Just Eat It!

“Yuck!” I complained as I spit my bite of food into a napkin.
“What’s wrong?” my at the time roommate asked quizzically. We were standing our shared kitchen and I was looking disapointedly at about a dozen coconut shrimp I had just cooked. “Don’t like it?” he inquired further after my scrunched up face.
“I don’t like coconut,” I explained to him.
A burst of laugher erupted from him. “Then Sarah, why on earth did you buy it?!”
“I dunno,” I replied, with my hands on my hips. “I like shrimp and I don’t know.. I’ve never had it before. I thought for some reason… it would taste different.”

Therein lies my reason for buying everything I’ve ever eaten. Like my one entry, That’s the Way I Uh Huh,  Uh Huh, I Like It, explains my intense distaste for foods I don’t like, I have a rather strong tendency to try new foods. I even will experiment on food I know I dislike simply to see if a new recipe or flavor combination will make it taste better.

Call me crazy but I want to always be discovering new things, no matter what it they may be. Its how I found out I like strawberries, sour cream, pickles, tomatoes and guacamole for example. Not together of course, that would be gross. The strawberries have to be chocolate dipped or blended into a smoothie and the pickles have to be on tuna and the tomatoes in a salad but still. That’s a long time from being fourteen, in my father’s mothers kitchen, being forced to eat fresh hand picked strawberries from her garden and hating every minute of it. I just didn’t like them. Over Valentine’s Day this year, sampling a dipped strawberry so I could endorse the product I was selling, found them devine.

All of those were foods I would proudly declare I hated, even if I had unknowingly eaten them for years!

So the point is, keep your mind open and try something! It saddens me how stubborn people are, thereby being slightly close minded. You never know just where your next favorite dish might be served! Keep your mind, and your mouth and just eat it already!


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