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One Day at a Time

So a couple weeks ago, I wrote a blog about taking life one day at a time to achieve my dreams (You May Say I’m a dreamer is the title) and so far it has been amazing. It hasn’t been a perfect science and I still have a ridiculously long journey to still go but, after every day when I get to not only cross off my daily item but finding small additional items to achieve… has really been worth while. The other night I met a fascinating women simply while doing laundry. The truth was I had been dreading doing laundry for the last week even though I had known it was getting of control, mostly because I have a love-hate relationship with laundry. But my point is by pushing myself, even for the last minute, goal list, has been very… satisfying. I wouldn’t… shouldn’t even be talking much about this right now because it feels like every time I do I jinx myself. But I am happy. My list is still so long but, who knows, maybe this time in six months, hell even three months, maybe my life can not necessarily turned around but… on its way there. 🙂


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