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The Best Advice

I am one of those people who seems to suck at knowing the right thing to say to people, let alone advice, unless it’s through a computer screen.

I have a really a hard time finding my voice in the real world (a blog entry I’m working on). I think most of my online advice stems from being on the receiving end so often in my real one. Usually from my boyfriend but also coworkers and friends and hell… passing strangers too! I also think it is because I am (usually) quiet with most people I spend a lot of time listening. Its when I can’t seem to shut the hell up is when I stop.

It’s just lately, I seem to be doling a lot of advice out, especially to strangers. And the funny thing is that I want to! Mostly because I understand… I emphasize with them! I’ve been going through with this “love thyself” movement for five years now! And I’ve gone through a lot of changes. In a lot of ways I still am that weird, strange, shy, silly, beautiful girl and in a lot of ways I’ve emerged into a more confident, determined, daring to the point of reckless women. I stand up for myself more often and don’t let people push me around as easily. But that’s besides the point and also another blog entry.

The point is, I get it, and I want to help. I want to listen. I don’t promise to hold all the answers but if even a single person is going, or went through, something I understand then you can bet your sweet tahootie I want to be there to show them the light. Maybe that’s selfish? Maybe it’s too altruistic.

I know I can’t change the world… not over night anyway, but I like to hope that one day that my words, my writing, will inspire you. To go out there and achieve your dreams. To make you believe that you, yes you, are not only beautiful but worthy of every thing. To even make the people who are reading this article and thinking “ugh, gag me with a spoon already”, to look at their day a little bit brighter. When you click out of this blog, and are going about your daily life, work, etc. I want you to keep the idea of this article in your head. I want you to know that it’s okay to be you, whatever form of that happens to come in.


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