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Promote What You Love, Not Trash What You Hate

There seems to be a lot of sentiment floating around the internet (not just on WordPress but Pinterest and Facebook. If I was apart of other media sites I’m almost positive that they are there too) about being more positive and more specifically, writing about positivity.

It’s true as a general statement, and applies to all people and not just writers. Mostly, I think because there have been a lot of negative feedback associated with sites like Facebook and such and too many people complaining about people about complaining. Sounds a bit of an oxymoron but there you have it.

Well, I’ve always been more of a cynic than I’ve let on and while I think the idea of choosing to write more positively is a nice sentiment and all… and I agree with it on the whole of it but…I couldn’t help but scoff. But, what I enjoy probably as much as being a critic is… a challenge!

Happines is a conscious choice we make to be. Its choosing to let someone’s snide remark slide or rude behavior instead of reacting upon it. Weither you realize it or not, that itself is choosing for yourself to be happy. It’s doing little things that bring joy to your day like folding laundry or the way your pet does the weirdest things. Happniess is choosing to be happy when a thousand of other little things get in the way or annoy you. To me, that is what happiness is all about.

But… this whole… promote what you love instead of trashing what you hate movement? It made me think. What exactly do I love? And it was as if a giant neon sign flared up above me was the word, WRITING! shouted in giant letters. I absolutely love writing above almost all else. Sure there are thousands of little things that bring happiness into my life but, that is what the book 10,000 things to be happy about is for. Somebody already wrote that book.

I could quote for hours on the many joys of writing. Writing just has a way of getting out of your head and under your skin. It’s also very therapeutic. Somtimes writing finds answers to questions you didn’t even know you were asking. And the best thing is that anyone can do it! You don’t have to go to school to do it. You don’t need to know proper grammar or prepositions. (Athlough it makes it easier to understand) All you need is at the very least a piece of paper and a pencil and with today’s advancements you barely even need that!

Writing is a form of bonding. Because no matter what you write there are people that are out there that understand what you are going through, that can relate. Writing connects us all. And I’ve barely scratched the surface of the power of words.

The thing about writing is though, it is going to be ugly. It’s going to be scary and sometimes down right mean. But it’s there. And it’s beautiful. Its going to sometimes be nothing but trashing something you dearly love. So how can we go around telling people that we need to only write happily and positively?! I admit I don’t want my blog to be some dreary depressingly sad emo kids diary but it needs to be but even if it was, so what? Everything has it’s place in the world, even Eeyore.

I think what people need to promote now a day’s are opinions with sound reasoning and convictions. I need to believe why you think the way you do. Think of each of your readers as an Eskimo and you are the ice man. But of course that doesn’t roll off the tounge as easily and Promote what you love not Trash what you hate just sounds catchier…, at least in this girl’s opinion. What do you think?


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