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That’s the Way UhHuh UhHuh I Like It

When I was a child, whenever I had a food I didn’t like, usually a vegetable, I would push it around my plate and pout. It was like the very act of eating what I didn’t like would make me associate that particular food as gross and thereby disliking it more and more till eventually it would become a food I “hated.”

My taste buds haven’t changed much as I’ve grown older into well… I guess by now I have to call myself an adult. If I don’t particularly enjoy a type of food or beverage or any kind of editable consumption, I can bring my gag reflux in a matter of moments. And the problem I am well aware of, is psychological. In fact, the only time I have ever been able to consume food I didn’t enjoy was being challenged that I wouldn’t like it at all!

Exapmle, when I was thirteen, I was not crazy about OJ. I could drink it, but in truth I didn’t really like it. That summer of when I was thirteen, my mother had bought season tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain for the whole year. Basically we could go as often as we wanted for free with our passes. Anyway, that summer they were offering extended park hours in the evenings (no idea if they do this anymore) and half price admissions to the park after a certain point in the afternoon. Very often my mother took a group of my friends and I (well of course me too lol) and instead of taking the hour drive home at midnight, she would rent a room for us. The next morning was a free breakfast we would all partake in. Well, one particular morning I had ordered an orange juice, and my mother pointed out “Sarah, you don’t like orange juice!” Naturally, being a stubborn child, I was appalled and very maturely replied “Uh-huh!” I made it a point that day and many years after to drink orange juice in front of her and sometime in the middle of that, I developed a fondness for the flavor.

Its never been my favorite drink and I doubt it ever will but I do enjoy it to the point where I get a craving for it every now and then.

My whole point in all of this is today is, why can’t I make myself like something? Especially for healthy food. It’s as if my body says, “no, nope! Not happening!” Here is an example, apple cider vinegar. It is supposed to have so many health benefits as well as help you lose weight. But it’s as if when my nose gets near it enough my body protests to the point of nausea, sometimes lightly stimulating my gag reflux.

I have my suspicions on why I can’t it. Part of my theory is being so addicted to sugar that my body rejects all other substances. Another is psychological. I have been considering hypnosis in order to help speed up the process of my weight loss and taste buds. But will hypnosis really solve my problems like I think they will or is it just a quick fix that substitutes as a band aid instead of fixing the actual issue of my eating habits? Hope to soon find out.


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