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Don’t Trust the Scale

Losing weight can be an extremely frustrating task. Most of the time because it is my belief that we as a society measure our success, and failures, through the scale. We deny the changes our bodies under go until the number corresponds with what we feel is the correct number on a scale.

I have been personally  told numbers of time to just throw away my scale and rely on those feelings and yet I’ve read that it’s good to weigh yourself once a week or in the mornings. I’ve been told your weight fluctuates and some days you may hold more water retention than others. All of this is probably true and it is all probably good advice for weight loss.

What I have been finding frustrating for the past two weeks or so is the fact that I know I have lost weight. I can see it as well as feel it, albeit as small of a change as it is. But if you were to simply rely on the scale, it would say I haven’t made any progress what so ever. And I know that is a lie.

There is such a thing as water retention, sometimes known as bloat but sometimes just a simple fact that your body can averagely hold up to around ten pounds of water weight! Ten pounds! That’s half a dress size to any person who ridgely counts their markers. I don’t believe that at the current moment I am retaining ten pounds but probably around five of just water weight and it is so frustrating. Because I do want that number to match and equal to what I know what I am feeling.

In the long run I know that this is only a test of patience and I am willing to wait. I know I need to go back to drinking my juice. For me any way it has been the best progress I’ve had to not only weight loss but teaching myself healthy living. 🙂


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