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The Sugar Circle

Ever wonder why some people are fat and some people even fatter still? I do.

Its taken not only me but the medical industry years and years to come to terms with it… sugar is a drug. Sugar is an addiction. So much so that sugar has its own name in our blood! Sugar is a substance we need to even just live. Its that important.

I read an article (will post link later) that linked lab rats who were fed sugar water were not only more likely to be obese but have more addictive personalities and if chose so, could easily be addicted to drugs, achocol and cigarettes! Think about it. By just putting extra sugar into our foods, we can become out of control! Which lets face it, more and more of Americans are becoming.

We know the foods we eat are bad for us, but we can’t control it. Or at least very few of is can for long periods of time. A little bit of it is physical but let’s face it, for various reasons eating is emotional. And why? Because food equals pleasure. We get pleasure from the food we eat. And they make sugar laiden food so enjoyable. To this day I feel happy when I want to go to McDonald’s because of all the positive associations I have with them growing up even though I’ve long since learned how unhealthy they are. I might not eat there often because of what I know but I still make the occasional trip because let’s face it…. it tastes so damn good.

So is that it then? Are we doomed from the woom because we have been hooked since a young age? I don’t like to think so. I don’t believe we have to be a slave to any industry because they tricked us.

Its been a slow and steady progress these past three months,  weaning myself off bad food, bad sugars, etc. I’ve hardly seen any progress in myself even though others say they see it and that will just have to be enough. That eventually I can bring myself full circle in this sugar wheel. It might take years, might be a battle I fight with my whole life to just never happen at all but all I can do is try, keep an open mind and most importantly, take it one day at a time.


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