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Once Upon a Time

Mary-queen-of-scots_full Once upon a time, there was a girl. Just your ordinary, average, everyday girl.

Except she wasn’t ordinary or average or everyday. She wasn’t any of those things, not really. In truth, she was an extraordinarily strange, funny, magical girl, it was just that very rarely did people actually get the opportunity to see it. It was because you see, she kept these crown jewels heavily disguised. Her wit and sense of humor was disguised as a bumbling incoherent jester; her beauty was kept hidden underneath layers upon layers of tattered robes and witches warts; and her strength fooled them all, with nothing more than a throwing stick. It was there though, blatant for all the world to see, if one could only see.

But they wouldn’t. Not now, not ever. Because you see, the girl had locked herself away inside her castle and the black knight helped keep the world at bay for her. The girl had employed him for so long that it didn’t ever seem as if his contract would finally end. He kept his post twenty four hours a day, never wavering, never failing. But such a life eventually becomes lonely, even with a valiant prince beside her. The girl’s castle rapidly started to crumble into decay. This wasn’t the fairy tale the girl had wanted. This wasn’t how she imagined her life. And no matter how hard the princess tried to change her world, it continued to crumble and chip away.

glowThe thing was though, that this girl forgot, was that she was indeed magical. That when she wanted, when she continually tried her hardest, all her disguises fell away and she shined. Shined brighter than any diamond found in the darkest cave or the brightest star throughout the entire galaxy. The shine came from within her. She knew it and she knew others could see. In times like these, the girl would hold her head up high, proudly and defiantly but none would dare challenge the black knight. It was then, when the mist would start to creep and the darkness begin to set, and our heroine retreated.

She never gives up though, she never stops trying to release herself of the spells which she has trapped herself in. She knows one day she will be free. She knows only that she must never give up and never stop trying.

Love Until Later,


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