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Be the Change You Want to See

This is the year I am going to do it. This is the year I am going to change. I tell myself this every year and every year I mean it, this year being no exception. I always seem to be looking for change, wither it’s the kind I place in my pocket or the kind you feel in your core. Except… the change in my pocket always seem to be coming up short. I never feel like I’m reaching any where near my full potential.

Being told that constantly while growing up might have something to do with that though. “You’re smart S, if only you studied harder.” I think that might be one of the most annoying phrases any kid has to hear, and also the most redundant.

A lot of this might have to do with being a milliel baby. It’s true, as society progressively grows, with every generation we are becoming lazier, fatter, less self sufficient, poorer, and quite frankly, stupider. We’ve become babies succulating on the breasts of technology and our older generations. When we should be letting go and growing up and learning how to be self sufficient we’ve made it nearly impossible to do so. Ask the average nineteen year old if they even know how to shut off a water valuve incase of a leak and I guarantee you the most common answer is, “Uh… wait you can shut off the water?” And it’s not as if older generations haven’t been trying to push us out of the nest either.

Never has any other generation been surrounded with more information and knowledge and at the same time easily dismiss it. Knowledge that is begging to be bought and prostuiting itself in packages from big boring and bulky books to shiny flashy pictures in magazines. Anything to draw you in. To get you to read. But we don’t. And I know I am not the exception to this.

For all the reading I love (and writing) I easily admit that I don’t know how to do anything. I can unclog a toilet, make a few passingly edible dishes, pay some bills online and decently debate someone on Harry Potter but other than that, I am virtually dependent on my boyfriend. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t know half the things I do.

And every year I tell myself I am going to change. I tell myself that I am going to become my own strong independent woman who knows stuff. Who knows how to do her makeup, live healthy, be organized, be interesting and know how to stuff. Someone who sparkles with life when she smiles instead of false promises and false hopes. That’s why I am creating this blog. Because that’s the type of woman I want to be. I know she’s in there, deep down inside of me. I only have to dig deep down and finally live up to my potential.

Love Until Later,


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